BRCGS Consulting and Internal Audits

Talk to us about achieving BRCGS certification in as little as 10 weeks. We have demonstrated experience across a series of clients who have achieved GFSI certification quickly and efficiently. More importantly, our clients have achieved great BRCGS ratings with a customised but simple, straight forward system. Our templated system has been to audit many times. QMS Audits are experts in BRCGS, having undergone the same training as BRC auditors. 

Why Choose BRCGS as your GFSI Standard?

 BRCGS is one of the most common GFSI standards, with 28,000 certified sites across 130 countries. The BRC standard is recognised globally, across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

BRCGS is one of the five most widely used GFSI standards in Australia. The most common standards include:

  1. Freshcare FSQ4,2 and Freshcare Supply Chain – Both Freshcare standards which together cover growing, packing and brokerage of fresh produce, 
  2. SQF – This North American centric standard used widely across all types of food production from growing and packing of fresh produce to manufacturing and storage and distribution. This is a simple, straight forward standard used widely across Australian businesses. 
  3. FSSC 22000 – based off ISO 22000. 
  4. BRCGS covers food manufacturing, packaging and storage and distribution. 

We are often asked to compare BRCGS and SQF. BRCGS is the gold standard and is highly respected across the industry, especially combined with an unannounced audit program. However, there is considerable more work in developing and implementing the management system. SQF on the other hand is a simpler standard, we have previously described it as the Toyota – well priced, reliable and easy to maintain. 

The BRC standard requires consideration of 8 types of hazards, instead of 5. The extra hazards include food fraud, food defence and radiation. 

The BRCGS standard requires an extensive food safety culture program and also requires all members of your HACCP team to be trained in HACCP Principles and Applications. To keep this affordable, we recommend having small HACCP teams. For further information regarding HACCP Training – Click here

BRCGS Consulting

At QMS Audits, we support a wide range of food manufacturers through to multi-national packaging companies, agents and brokers who need to achieve BRC certification quickly. We also conduct internal audits and help them to maintain their BRCGS system throughout the year. 


QMS Audits can write up both the HACCP Plan and BRCGS quality manual based on your existing food safety program. Our BRCGS quality manual is designed to act as a road map during the audit process, streamlining the process to  ensure the audit proceeds as quickly as possible and time is not spent looking for procedures and records.

We offer consulting for each of the five BRCGS standards:

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Agents and Brokers
  • Non-Food Consumer products

BRCGS Internal Audits and Audit Attendance

As part of our consulting service, we can help you choose a certification body and sometimes ensure you have received a competitive quote. We have working relationships with an extensive number of GFSI auditors and certification bodies. We can conduct an internal audit for your site, as well as attend the actual audit as well to offer moral support and some technical help. We ensure the auditors stay on track. 

Choosing a Certification Body

As part of our consulting service, we can help you choose a certification body and sometimes ensure you have received a competitive quote. We have working relationships with an extensive number of GFSI auditors and certification bodies. 

How often are the BRCGS Audits?

BRCGS Audits are conducted 12 monthly by a certification body. It is imperative sites maintain a B or more rating, otherwise they will find themselves undergoing surveillance audits on a 6 monthly basis (at their own cost).

BRCGS Consulting with Multiple Standards

For clients with certification to multiple standards – such as Woolworths Supplier Excellence, Aldi, Costco or other addendums – we can write a fully integrated system, which meets the requirements of a series of standards. Think less audit time. 

Trying to decide what GFSI program you should adopt for your site? We can help.
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Food Safety Consulting

HACCP Training

  • Need to demonstrate competence and experience in HACCP*
  • Successful completion of industry recognised training course*
    *BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8
Food Safety Consulting


  • Written to meet BRC requirements
  • Procedures for key processes documented
  • Production records streamlined and maintained
Food Safety Consulting

Quality Manual

  • Initial write up and implementation OR
  • Rewrite, simplify and streamline OR
  • Tidy up existing quality manual
Food Safety Consulting

Internal Audit (Minimum Annually)

  • 1-3 Days
  • Identify and fill the gaps
  • Must be completed by an independent, trained auditor*
    *BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 
Food Safety Consulting

BRC Audit

  • Completed by 3rd Party, JS-ANZ BRC certified auditor
  • Onsite Audit (2-3 Days)
  • QMS Audits can attend the audit to support you through the process

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