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Steps to Coles Certification

QMS Audits are experts in food safety and quality assurance management. We work diligently to assist you in achieving high audit scores. Coles Food Manufacturing Supplier Requirements Version 3 has just been released. Customers will commence being audited to this standard on 2nd January 2022.

A majority of the aspirational aspects of this standard have now become mandatory. We will work with you to ensure your business is ready for and excels at your next CFMSR Audit. This may include updating your  HACCP Plan, writing a Quality Manual or conducting detailed internal audits. We conduct thorough and rigorous, yet clear and straight-forward training sessions in HACCP, Internal Auditing and many more. We will support your business at each stage of the process. We are proud of our track record of achieving great audit scores for our clients. 

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Food Safety Consulting

Pre-Approval Visit by Coles

  • HACCP Plan Review
  • Site and Pre-requisite Program Review
  • 1 Day duration 
Food Safety Consulting

HACCP Training

  • Public HACCP Training (2 Day workshop with mandatory exam
  • Must be conducted by RTO, TPECS or certified trainer
  • Refresher training is to be conducted every 3 years
  • Nominate a HACCP Team Leader and HACCP Team Members
Food Safety Consulting

Yearly Internal Training

  • All members of the HACCP Team must undergo internal HACCP Training on an annual basis 
  • Training can be delivered by an employee or by QMS Audits in a 4 hour training session
Food Safety Consulting

Food Handling Training (Aspiration)

  • All food handlers must have completed Unit of Competency FBPFSY2002 Apply Food Safety Procedures delivered by an RTO

			Food Safety Consulting


  • Written to meet CFMSR requirements
  • Procedures for key processes documented
  • Production records streamlined and maintained

			Food Safety Consulting

Quality Manual

  • Written up in a simple and streamlined manner to make managing requirements easy
  • Audits is efficient as less time looking for documents

			Food Safety Consulting

Internal Audits (Minimum Annually)

  • 2-5 Days
  • Identify and fill the gaps
  • Must be completed by an independent trained internal auditor
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures

			Food Safety Consulting

External Audit by Coles

  • Conducted by Coles In-house auditor
  • Initial or Certification Audit - 3 Days
  • QMS Audits can attend the audit to support you through the process

			Coles Supermarket Certification QMS Audits

Follow Up Audit by Coles

  • QMS Audits can assist you to respond to any non-conformances incurred during the audit
  • Conducted by Coles In-house auditor
  • Dependent upon nature and number of non-conformances, type, nature of actions and evidence to close out non-conformances

Disclaimer – While we have attempted to make this as accurate and current as possible, this is a summary only and does not list ALL of the requirements to fulfil each standard or achieve certification.

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