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Cook Chill is a process where food is cooked then chilled for storage to be consumed in the future. This process is used in a wide range of settings from airlines to your Ready To Eat (RTE) meals found at your local supermarket. Learn what the regulatory requirements are for short and extended shelf life.

The first two days of this course is delivered as a virtual classroom, followed by one day in Melbourne conducting two skills audits at two different facilities. For an extra fee, you can have one of the skills audits recognised by Exemplar Global, using one of our in-house Skills Auditors. You can expect lots of questions (and banter) from our instructors and fellow students as we promote class discussion from start to end. Its how adults learn!

When combined with our Food Microbiology course, our Cook Chill course will offer 40 hours of Food Microbiology, which will satisfy mandatory requirements to become a state approved or NFSA Level 4 auditor.

For our students looking to undergo our Cook Chill course, you will need to complete the following units of competency:
FBPAUD4002 – Communicate and negotiate to conduct food safety audits
FBPAUD4003 – Conduct food safety audits
FBPAUD4004 – Identify, evaluate and control food safety hazards

The above units of competency can be found in our Lead Auditor – Food Safety course.

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Audit a Cook Chill Process FAQ

Who uses Cook Chill Processes?

Cook Chill processes are used in any food manufacturing where food is chilled after it has been heated. 

Some common examples of cook chill products are airline meals and ready made meals in the supermarket. 

What will I learn?

In this course you will learn how to: 

  • Understand pathogen survival and growth characteristics.
  • Principles of heat treatment and chilling.
  • Storage and shelf-life parameters. 

Once all assessments are successfully completed, participants receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the following unit of NRT logocompetency:

FBPAUD5002: Audit a Cook Chill Process 

Issued by QMS Audits Training Pty Ltd (RTO No. 45344)

This course includes units approved under our ReExemplar Global Black logocognised Training Provider (RTP) certificate with Exemplar Global.  Participants receive additional benefits from Exemplar Global including:

  • One year Graduate certification
  • Workplace Styles Assessment
  • Access to Exemplar Global Webinars and online events
  • Access to Exemplar Global online resources
Who Should Attend?

For Food Businesses:

This is a good course for Quality managers and Production managers working with cook chill processes and looking for greater insight into the growth, survival and control of pathogens.

For Auditors: 

This course is a mandatory requirement for NFSA Level 4 Auditors and state based approved auditors who want to be able to conduct cook chill food safety audits. 

When combined with our Food Microbiology course, the two courses make up 40 hours of Food Microbiology and satisfy one of the mandatory requirements to become a  for NFSA Level 4 as well as a state approved food safety auditor

If you are not sure if this is the best training course for you, then please give us a call on 1800 918 924. We are always happy to help you work out the best way forward.


Participants must have experience in food safety auditing.  You will need to demonstrate training to the following units of competency from a Food Safety Lead Auditor Course before completing this training:

  • FBPAUD4002 – Communicate and negotiate to conduct food safety audits
    FBPAUD4003 – Conduct food safety audits
    FBPAUD4004 – Identify, evaluate and control food safety hazards

For those that have not completed the prerequisites but still want to attend we can issue a statement of attainment. 

If you are unsure, then please give us a call on 1800 061 159. We are always happy to help you work out the best way forward.

Course Structure:

Virtual Training - Day 1 & 2

 The first 2 days of the course are held virtually so that anyone can attend. Upon completion, this course will teach you all the theoretical knowledge necessary to become qualified to Audit a Cook Chill Process.  

Although the course is online our trainers make it an engaging, collaborative and fun experience. 

Onsite Audits - Day 3

Onsite Audits: In order to fulfil the requirements to become a Cook Chill Auditor you must complete 2 onsite audits. We will take you onsite with 2 of our Melbourne clients in one day. In these onsite Audits you will learn the practical knowledge by doing the audits yourself. You will also have a QMS Audits Trainer to guide you along the way. 

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Become an auditor with real-world knowledge. We actively promote class discussion throughout the training so learners leave with the practical knowledge to become auditors.