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Food Processing Specialists
Consumer Brands Association

Retort Operations & Thermal Processing Techniques Training delivered by Food Processing Specialists

Our external training providers, Food Processing Specialists Pty Ltd, are specialists in thermal processing. The training courses are run by Andrew Scholz and Mike Moffat each with over 30 years of experience in the food industry.  Food Processing Specialists training are designed to be interactive, ‘hands on’ training, providing practical learning opportunities for their students. They are currently offering two thermal processing training courses:

  • Retort Supervisor and Process Control
  • Thermal Processing of Acid, Acidified and Low-acid Canned Foods

The Retort Supervisor and Process Control training course is recognised by Consumer Brands Association (USA), FDA (USA), and MPI (NZ). Thermal Processing of Acid, Acidified and Low-acid Canned Foods training course is pending approval with NZ MPI. Both courses are also offered as In-house training courses, where practical training in thermal processing and retort operations is conducted in and around your retort and pasteurising equipment. Need help or In-house training? Call 1300 404 505 Monday to Friday or email [email protected]

Who are Food Processing Specialists?

Food Processing Specialists have established themselves as experts in thermal processing with a successful 15-year presence in the food manufacturing industry.

They are a dedicated and adaptable technical consultancy service, offering clients comprehensive technical expertise across a wide range of food processing services. Their specialization includes low acid, acid, and acidified foods and beverages, as well as technical training services.

As one of QMS Audits’ external training providers, Food Processing Specialists provide invaluable on-site and virtual training to support managers in resolving diverse production, retorting, processing issues, and engineering designs, tailored to specific project needs.

These courses offer highly specialised training, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety by addressing specific technical equipment and processes.

What food processing specialist courses are offered?

Retort Supervisor and Process Control
Participants will become familiar with the use and operation of different types of retorts, and the processes associated with their use. Students will also learn the microbiology behind thermally processed foods and touch on many common packaging methods used in industry and how they prevent spoilage.
Thermal Processing of Acid, Acidified and Low-Acid Canned Foods
This is a technical course focusing on the development and validation of thermal processing operations to achieve sterilisation and pasteurisation using various retorts. Through this course participants will be taught methods to validate thermal processes, determine process lethality, and analyse process deviation.

Practical Advice For All Audits

At QMS Audits – we do lots of HACCP Training, HACCP Audits and help our clients to write concise HACCP Plans and well structured, simple GFSI quality manuals, such as SQF and BRC. As QA consultants we work with all of the Certification Bodies, not just one. Our advice comes from working with a range of auditors from different certification bodies, including SAI Global, SGS, Aus-Qual and Merieux Nutrisciences and small to large businesses, so you know you will be covered during any audit. Basically we know what works and what doesn’t. We know exactly what the auditors want to see.