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QMS Audits FeedSafe Stock feed industry


What are the requirements for a FeedSafe audit?

New members of FeedSafe® (SFMCA) have 12 months to become FeedSafe® certified. New members are not allowed to display the FeedSafe logo until certification has been achieved.

The FeedSafe®Audit will be conducted using the FeedSafe®Checklist and the Code of Conduct. Both of these documents can be  sourced from the Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA).

QMS Audits will send you a copy of these documents if you engage us to conduct the FeedSafe audit.

What is the frequency of a FeedSafe audit?

Once certified, FeedSafe® Audits are required every 12 months. Full members must be re-certified within 3 months of their audit anniversary or their membership will cease.

Food Ingredients and Additives Association (FIAAA) audits occur 12 monthly.

What is your approach to auditing FeedSafe audits?

We have been involved with many FeedSafe accredited companies, including during their first time audits.

We understand the requirements of stockfeed, most importantly we understand that the requirements for stockfeed are not the same for a food business – which is a common trap we see in some auditors.

We are very practical and sensible in our approach.

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