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HACCP Certification made easy

Grab Your Ticket to Trade with HACCP Certification. Establish an Audit Ready Food Safety Program with our Help. Simple, Practical Advice for your Food Business.
HACCP is a risk analysis system developed to control food safety and quality hazards. HACCP Certification involves developing a HACCP Plan, a series of supporting programs and then having the system audited. At QMS Audits we can offer you our expert knowledge at any stage of the process. See below to choose where your business is at, and how we can help you with your HACCP Certification.

Choose your HACCP option

Choose the HACCP certification needs for your business:

HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


My business is
ready to go for
the audit



My business
needs a HACCP plan for the audit

Everything in a haccp Audit Plus:


My business
needs a HACCP plan and training

Everything in audit and plan Plus:

*10% discount applies on the standard price of training when purchasing a HACCP Plan, Audit and Training together.
Cannot be applied in conjunction with any other offer.

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Why Choose QMS Audits

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Exemplar Global Registered Auditors

We use only Exemplar Global Registered Auditors with the appropriate amount of industry experience to give your business the feedback it needs.

Food Safety Training

Consultants with industry experience

Our consultants come from the food industry where they have implemented HACCP plans and sat through external audits of their own work.

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Simple, Practical, Effective

We develop HACCP Plans that are simple to implement and have been tested multiple times at audit. We don’t create extra work for our clients or ourselves.

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Fast turn around times

Is your business looking for new opportunities or under pressure from a customer to supply certification. We won’t hold you up with silly requirements.

HACCP Training at S.P.Q.R Pizza
"Accountability and traceability, that’s what I’m about, especially when I’m sending out 4000 pizzas bases a week. It removes the anxiety out of the way.”
Tom Gaden, S.P.Q.R. Pizzeria
HACCP Training at S.P.Q.R Pizza

HACCP Training Courses

Choose the HACCP course that works for you!

HACCP & Gfsi IntroductorY
2 hour

I want to know how
HACCP works

$350 (+ GST)


Explanation of HACCP Certification & GSFI Certification
Pre-requisite Programs
Implementation and what’s involved


2 hour

I need a quick
HACCP update

$335 (+ GST)


Update your HACCP skills as part of your 3 year HACCP Refresher cycle
Virtual Classroom only
Step through the 7 HACCP Principles


1 day

I need to refresh my
HACCP skills

$660 (+ GST)


Satisfy the requirements for GFSI Standards
If reviewing HACCP Plan, this training counts as part of your verification schedule
Virtual and Classroom Courses


pest control
4 hour

Teach me about Pest Control HACCP

$1045 (+ GST)


Simple HACCP certification program
Use our Templates
Learn how to comply with HACCP


2 days

Teach me how to
write a HACCP plan

$1425 (GST Exempt)


Templates to write a HACCP plan
Step-by-step instructions
Advice from industry experts


2 days

Teach me everything about HACCP

$1425 (GST Exempt)


Customer complaint investigations
In-depth look at food pathogens
Real root cause analysis

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HACCP Certification FAQ

What is HACCP?

HACCP is a gateway system for food safety. If you can understand that a pedestrian gate will probably only stop the dog from getting out, whilst a castle gate has a lot more controls and therefore should stop an entire army, then you can probably get your head around HACCP. HACCP is about identifying potential food safety and quality hazards and then deciding what type of gate you need to put in place – do I need a pedestrian gate or a castle with a moat, draw bridge, high, thick walls and guards with bows and arrows?

What is HACCP Certification and do I get a HACCP Certificate?

A HACCP Certification demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to producing and distributing safe food. You will be awarded a HACCP certificate that shows your food business has a complete and comprehensive HACCP Plan and has undergone an audit from an accredited third party. We at QMS Audits can support you through this!

Can I write my own HACCP plan?

Yes, but without training and classroom support it is likely to become a frustrating experience once the training is over. HACCP Principles and Applications is the standard industry course that covers how to write, implement and monitor a HACCP plan. We supply the templates to allow you to write the plan and pre-requisite programs that you will take to audit. Businesses usually decide to write the HACCP plan if they have the time. If not, we can write it for you and provide you with the necessary support to get you through the audit.

What will I learn in HACCP Principles and Applications training?

We keep it real! We will teach you how to write up a HACCP Plan – we give you HACCP templates to give you a head start and you will get to write some of your HACCP Plan up in the class. On the first day, we review the Food Standards Code, explain how bacteria and other pathogens grow in food. As a class, we find why you can’t legally sell hash cookies or ‘road kill’. We work through lots of examples from Packing Sheds through to small manufacturers to catering and high risk processing. On the second day, we build a HACCP Plan together as a class, based on one of the participant’s business.
We keep our class sizes small. We drive healthy class discussion to keep you awake and to keep it relevant. It means you can get lots of real life examples from us and your classmates that you can use when you get back to work. There is plenty of time to ask specific questions about your business. If you need HACCP Certification – please give us a call on 1300 404 505 – We are more than happy to explain the process to you over the phone.

Why would I want to do HACCP Introductory training?

This short 2-hour workshop is designed for those looking to find out more about HACCP certification and what it can lead to without committing to a longer training course or implementing HACCP Certification in their business. It is a useful first step to find out why a business would decide to proceed down the path of HACCP Certification.

What if I already have a HACCP Plan?

Bring your existing plan (or Freshcare manual) as a hardcopy with you, we encourage you to mark it up and ask questions about it on the second day. It will count as part of your HACCP review towards your next audit. For our participants preparing for Freshcare-HARPS, we will show you how HACCP has been embedded into the Freshcare manual.

Why do I need HACCP Certification for my business when I have a HACCP training certificate?

HACCP Certification covers a food business at a specific location. A HACCP training certificate is for a person working at a food business. HACCP training is not a mandatory requirement of certification, although it is useful to have undertaken HACCP training. Many standards such as SQF and BRC specify two days of training for HACCP team leaders.  A HACCP course conducted by a Registered Training Organisation will also include Units of Competency, a requirement of some standards and an indicator of quality. QMS Audits Training is an RTO (ID 45344).