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BONUS HACCP Refresher training certificate with our 2-day Implementing SQF Systems course QMS Audits is an independent SQFI Training Centre. Our SQF trainers are consultants, so expect discussion about previous SQF audits, non-conformances and practical advice. All SQF sites, must have at least two SQF Practitioners on site, who have completed a 2 day HACCP Principles & Applications course Call us directly for SQF/HACCP training packages or In-House Training. Courses include:
  • 2 day Implementing SQF Systems Edition 9 (SQF Practitioner course)
  • 1 day SQF Quality Systems
  • 5 day Lead Auditor Course – see our Auditor Academy for more details
Need help or In-house training? Call 1300 404 505 from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday or email [email protected]

SQF Edition 9

All SQF sites must have two trained up SQF Practitioners employed by the site. The SQF practitioners must have completed a HACCP Principles and Applications training course. Our course supplies templates which are suitable for SQF audits. We know, because we use many of them in our SQF consulting projects.

Why QMS Audits SQF Training?

Independent SQFI Trainers
At QMS Audits, we have a dedicated team of consultants and trainers who specialise in GFSI certification, especially SQF, BRC and FSSC22000. We are also the only independent provider of SQFI Training in Australia. We are not a certification body offering SQF audits – our job is to set you up to excel at your next SQF audit!
Achieve High SQF Audit Scores!
QMS Audits’ GFSI consulting team has a long record of exceptionally high SQF scores, frequently above 95. Last year, our clients achieved SQF scores of 100, and two 99s.
Simple and Practical
We want you to learn to meet the SQF Edition 9 requirements in a simple and practical manner. We also believe that SQF training doesn’t have to be filled with acronyms and jargon. So, instead we fill it with lots of examples taken from day-to-day life, anecdotes from GFSI clients and SQF certification audits.
Online and back in the Classroom!
We have gone out of our way to ensure our online SQF training courses, which are delivered as Virtual Classrooms, using Zoom, are very human and very interactive. Our Classroom training sessions are fun and interactive too, with lots of time for lively discussion and real-world examples.

SQF Training Class Sizes Capped at 12 people

Just like our classroom training courses, all of our online training courses, including SQF Training, are purposely capped at 12 people. Everyone has an opportunity to ask specific questions about their food business and their SQF system.
Whenever possible our examples are based on information supplied by class members.

Why would you use examples from a fictitious factory, when class members can tell you exactly how they managed an issue with their SQF HACCP Plan or SQF quality management system. Whenever we can, we use examples from the class or from our own experiences assisting clients to write up initial SQF quality management systems, conducting SQF internal audits and undergo SQF audits.

We have a long record of excellent SQF Scores, last year incurring scores of 100, and two 99s. In fact all our scores across all of our consulting clients were above 90.

We love SQF! We are pretty good at it!

SQF Consulting

We have a dedicated team of GFSI consultants based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We understand the GFSI requirements. We write up lots of SQF food manufacturing and storage and distribution systems. We even like the SQF quality module!

Our SQF Consulting page is here

To find out more about our GFSI consulting, which includes BRC, Freshcare and FSSC22000, as well as all of the SQF programs, call us on 1300 404 505, email us at [email protected] or request a quote.