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At QMS Audits we aim to help people stay informed and enhance their knowledge by providing unlimited access to our resource library. You can find valuable links, key terms and definitions, and the latest news related to ISO and food safety all in one place.

Useful links


Our bank of useful links is a valuable online reference for food safety and ISO information. Many of our services reference different standards, state specifics, certification bodies and more. These links will direct users to important and reliable sources providing additional insights into food safety and ISO.

Glossary 1


This glossary is a helpful compilation of key terms and definitions that you are likely to come across while navigating our website or while researching food safety and ISO. It serves as a comprehensive reference guide, aiding individuals in understanding specific terminology and jargon that is unique to food safety and ISO requirements.

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Stay up to date with food safety and ISO industry news with QMS Audits’ blog. We are committed to sharing recent updates, changes to laws, and general tips and tricks that we have learned throughout our years in the industry. If you have any questions or want to learn more about food safety and ISO, here is the best place to start!

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The help centre assists you in finding solutions to technical issues related to the Food Safety Supervisor courses offered on our platform. It covers topics such as the course content, assessments, certification completion requirements, and other related inquiries.