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5 Steps to Yum!Certification

We develop HACCP Plans, write Quality Manuals and conduct internal audits. We can be present at the Yum! audit.
Our clients achieve great audit scores so you can start supplying to your new customers in as little as 6 weeks.

What does Yum! Brand Audits cover?

QMS Audits has found the Yum! Brands audits are highly constructive, with the Yum! Brands QA representative determined to improve each process for the good of both Yum! Brands and the Supplier’s process. There is no tick and flick here. Each element is required to be thoroughly covered off.

The audit is tough with all documents to be produced within 10 minutes of request by the auditor. The Mock Recall needs to be completed within 2 hours.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Cpk Study Program

Yum Brands require each of its Australian suppliers to sincerely implement and maintain a continuous improvement program using SPC and Cpk. We have successfully implemented this program for one of our clients.

How often are the Yum! Brands Audits?

Yum! Brands audits and standard are unforgiving, specific and clear in their requirements. The audits are extremely thorough. Yum! Brands have the highest threshold of all second-party customer standards before moving suppliers to 12 monthly audits.

QMS Audits Assistance and Consulting?

At QMS Audits, we do have a few secrets that help our client’s do well in these quality audits. We are more than happy to discuss updates to the Yum! standard or if you are preparing a tender, we can give you an indication of what is required.

Food Safety Consulting

Nominate Yum! Practitioner

  • Full Time Employee AND
  • Has completed HACCP Training
Food Safety Consulting


  • Written to meet Yum! requirements
  • Procedures for key processes documented
  • Production records streamlined and maintained
Food Safety Consulting

Quality Manual

  • Initial write up and implementation OR
  • Rewrite, simplify and streamline OR
  • Tidy up existing quality manual
Food Safety Consulting

Internal Audit

  • 1-3 Days
  • Identify and fill the gaps 
Food Safety Consulting

Yum! Audit (By Invitation Only)

  • Completed by National Food Safety Consultant
  • Onsite Audit (2-3 Days)
  • QMS Audits can attend the audit to support you through the process

Disclaimer – While we have attempted to make this as accurate and current as possible, this is a summary only and does not list ALL of the requirements to fulfil each standard or achieve certification.

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Certification for Farms, Packing Sheds, Processors, Distributors, Manufacturers & Food Service

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